Creating a program that attracts top affiliates is one of the most rewarding ways to increase your bottom line and decrease your own work load. It provides you with the advantage of having a large “sales force” that works for you, but you don’t have to pay them by the hour or employ them on salary. Affiliates that help to sell your products are as precious as a hardworking employee, though, in that they can bring in massive traffic to your website, generating sales leads and actual product sales. And, all they ask in
return is that you make it easy for them to share in the profits of your success, at a generous rate of return. For the advantages that affiliates provide, their commission is well worth every penny.

The problem, though, that many new Internet marketers find (when they first start to create an affiliate program) is that it is easy to start, but not so easy to motivate their affiliate partners to continue with them long-term. There are so many competing affiliate programs that if your program is not generating the types of returns your affiliates desire, or if it is much harder to operate, your affiliate partners may decide to go somewhere else where the take is easier or fatter. So, you do want to implement a great program, but you also want to include strategies that help develop and keep your affiliates happy. For that, let’s try to look into the mind of an average affiliate partner to see what it is they want out of any affiliate program.

Your affiliate partners are generally going to find your affiliate offer at an affiliate bank that you’ve joined, whether it’s clickbank, shareasale, or commission junction. An affiliate bank will list multiple affiliate offers that publishers looking to join a program will be able to search online and view. So, already, we know that your potential affiliate partners are very well aware of your competition and can compare your offer to another very easily, without even leaving their seat. So, you have to know what types of incentives appeal to a potential affiliate partner, so that when they eventually choose a program, it will be your program, and not the competition’s program.

First of all, it can’t be repeated enough, affiliate partners are looking for two things the most with an affiliate program: To increase their income and to reduce their work load. Did you notice something about that? Isn’t that two of your primary goals as an Internet marketer too? Well, now, you know! You’re both in this venture together, and that’s why they call it a partnership, and not something else. Your affiliate partner will work very hard for you if you can show them how they can make more money on your program than on other affiliate offers and how your program is far easier than others to implement.

In return, your program should also provide you with additional income and less work because the system will be set up to divvy up the work to your affiliate partners in ways that are manageable and trackable.

Learn how you can achieve Mastery with your Affiliate Program.

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