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When looking at launching your own retail business, one of the first business tools you will need is a card machine to accept debt or credit cards from your customers.

The reality is that “cash” is slowly disappearing in the retail business world, with more an more customers paying buy card. All of a sudden a card machine becomes an essential part of your business transactions, and having a solid solution for your retail sales becomes imperative.

Card Machine Requirements

The first item when you are looking for a card machine is to make sure that your card machine service provider gives you exactly what you business requires. It is pointless getting a card machine that works on “bluetooth only” when you don’t have a cellphone with bluetooth with you.

Another challenge is, do you customers require a print out of their receipt from the card machine or are they quite happy without a printout.

These are simple questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on a card machine for your business.

What Does Your Business Need?

So the easiest way to decide what you business needs is to look at what you do for your customers.

No matter what size your business is, whether is is small one man business like a beauty salon, spaza shop, food truck or whether you have a retail outlet, pub, tavern, cafe or restaurant with a number of employees; there is always a different solution for your business.


We operate a small antique furniture business which has a retail shop and a delivery vehicle. Our business requires that the retail shop has a card machine and we have a mobile machine for our delivery vehicle for COD payments.

iKhokha Card Payment Solutions

We found that the best solution for our business was a company called iKhokha card machines. They provide a comprehensive range of card machines that suits our business requirements together with an amazing support infrastructure.

For our business we were able to get comprehensive data through their business app, which allowed us to have all the business tools in the palm of our hands.

Where to Buy an iKhokha Card Machine

The great opportunity is that you can buy the iKhoka Card Machine directly online and have it delivered to your home or shop within 3 business days.

It is all setup for you to start trading immediately on receiving the card machine.

Alternatively, there are a number of retail outlets throughout the country which also sell the card machines in-store.

Take a look at their website by click here to find out more about these great card machines and payment solutions.

Dave Anthony

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